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Aloha Fun Stuff

Hawaiian Dress Model Photos
Check out our gallery of Hawaiian dresses featuring models at past photo shoots.

Hawaiian shirt manufacturing in Hawaii
Come with us to a real Hawaiian clothing factory to see how your shirt or dress is made right here in Hawaii.

Hawaiian luau theme party planner
Put your fun new Aloha shirt or dress to good use by throwing your own Hawaiian luau theme party!

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Hawaiian Dresses & Hawaiian Shirts Boutique

Aloha! Hawaiian dresses and Hawaiian shirts are icons synonymous with a fun and casual attitude that embodies life in Hawaii. Find the perfect Hawaiian shirt or island dress for weddings and luaus or for uniforms for your organization. Our mission is to share the Aloha spirit with you through fun Hawaiian clothing.

About Our Hawaiian Dresses & Shirts

Our full range of Hawaiian shirts and dresses, include sexy halter dresses, flirty Hawaiian sundresses, long tropical dresses in spaghetti and tank styles, mid-length spaghetti dresses, and Aloha summer dresses. We also have several styles of Hawaiian muumuus from the elegant ruffle shoulder muumuu to the simple tea length muumuu. We also offer a line of special white Hawaiian wedding dresses and matching white aloha shirts for beach weddings plus matching Hawaiian bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen shirts.

Made in Hawaii Clothing

Most of our Hawaiian shirts and dresses are made in Hawaii. Fashion and technology has changed a lot since the first shirts and dresses were created in the 1930s, but amazingly the actual manufacturing process is not much different today as it was back then. It is still labor-intensive and requires a high level of skill at different stages of the process. But today, just as it was back then, our locally made Hawaiian clothing is made with precision, care, and pride.

By learning a little bit about Hawaiian dresses & Hawaiian shirts and how they are made, we hope you gain a newfound appreciation for these wearable icons. Though many types of Hawaiian shirts have evolved over the decades, they still symbolize the casual lifestyle enjoyed by people in Hawaii and around the world.

Bulk Order Discounts

Our Hawaiian shirts (and dresses, for that matter) make great uniforms for tradeshows, marching bands, and other team or group activities. We offer great group discounts and can even embroider your logo. So whether you need a few dozen or a few thousand pieces we'd be happy to outfit your group with fun Aloha shirts!


AFW TV: Making Hawaiian Dresses & Shirts

Most of our Hawaiian dresses & shirts are still made in Hawaii. Since most clothing sold in the US is made in overseas factories, most of us don't get to see how this stuff is made. Lucky for us, we see this process every week. So if you ever wondered how your Hawaii made Hawaiian dress or shirt is made, here's how it's done!