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Hawaiian Shirt & Dress Photoshoot at Sand Island

In 2003 we headed out to Sand Island, a beach located a few hundred yards away from downtown Honolulu. This photoshoot marked the debut of Sondra Barker and Lindsay Hayes for AlohaFunWear.com. Sondra was a University of Hawaii student and had quite a funny streak. Lindsay was a hair stylist in Honolulu and agreed to be in the photo shoot after some gentle coaxing. Dave Randall modeled Hawaiian shirts for us before. The pictures below depict some fun and not-so-serious moments of our photo shoot as we tried to photograph our latest Hawaiian shirts and especially our different styles of Hawaiian dresses. We also included our newest super soft rayon Hawaiian shirts and dresses as well as matching Hawaiian print capri pants and halter top.


sondra barker and friends in hawaiian dresses dave in bamboo orchids hawaiian shirt and sondra barker in hawaiian dress jon riki karamatsu and dave randall in hawaiian shirts and sondra barker in hawaiian dress sondra barker and dave randall in matching hawaiian shirt and capris and halter set
group in hawaiian shirts and hawaiian dresses sitting on the beach standing group of hawaiian shirts and hawaiian dresses on the beach lindsay hayes in matching hawaiian print capris and halter top linday hayes and dave randall as playful couple in Hawaiian dress and Hawaiian shirt
linday hayes in hawaiian dress preparing for photo shoot model lindsay hayes posing in hawaiian dress linday hayes in hawaiian print halter top model sondra barker in engineered print Hawaiian tank dress
model sondra barker in border print Hawaiian tank dress lindsay hayes in hawaiian ruffle dress

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