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Hawaiian Dresses Galleries

Our Hawaiian dresses galleries feature different styles of dresses being worn by our models. It can be tricky trying to visualize how a dress will look on a person when looking at a picture of the dress online. We hope these pictures give you a better idea of how the different styles look before you make your selection.

Hawaiian Wedding Dresses & Shirts Gallery

Today, many couples are going for an informal or beach themed wedding. Our special white-on-white Hawaiian dresses and matching shirts are informal, yet elegant enough for that special day. 

Sondra Barker Hawaiian Dress Gallery

Sondra Barker models some of our Hawaiian dresses, including several wedding dresses made for Hawaiian or beach weddings. We put together a collection of pictures of Sondra from two our our previous photo shoots.

Angelanette Anderson Hawaiian Dress & Shirt Gallery

Angel was our model for our first photoshoot and has been in several of our photoshoots over the years. Her half Japanese-half Caucasian ethnicity gives her a range of different looks which is particularly useful when modeling clothing as diverse in color and design as Hawaiian dresses and shirts.

Lindsay Hayes Hawaiian Dress & Shirt Gallery

Lindsay is from Dallas and lived on the famous North Shore of Oahu near the town of Haleiwa for about a year where she learned to surf. In this gallery, Lindsay models various Hawaiian dresses, tops, bottoms, and beach wedding dresses.

Hawaiian Shirt & Dress Photo Shoot at Keiki Beach

In March 2004, we headed out to the North Shore of Oahu again, this time to Keiki Beach. The cool thing about this beach is that it is not visible from the main highway so it is usually not very crowded. For this shoot, we shot most of our new rayon Hawaiian shirts and dresses along with several Hawaiian wedding dresses.

Hawaiian Shirt & Dress Photo Shoot at Sand Island

For the December 2003 photo shoot, we chose Sand Island near downtown Honolulu. This photo shoot marks the debut of Sondra Barker and Lindsay Hayes as our models as well as the introduction of a new line of rayon Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian dresses as well as capris and halter tops. Geralyn Camarillo of Hokulii Images returns as our photographer.

Hawaiian Shirt & Dress Photo Shoot at Sharks Cove

The pictures in this gallery are from our photo shoot from February 2000 on the North Shore of Oahu near a beach called Sharks Cove. Visitors to this beach can walk or swim in a large tide pool ranging in depth from a few inches to about 7 feet in some areas. This shoot featured cotton and rayon Hawaiian shirts, Hawaiian dresses and Hawaiian t-shirts.


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